A Brief Note On the Origin of Three O9A Ways

The Order of Nine Angles/ O9A/ ONA was formed in late 60's / early 70's of the 20th century through the joining of, then three separate occult groups: Temple of the Sun, Noctulians and Camlad. We know almost nothing about these groups except for what survived of them through the ONA. In O9A pdf archive of ABG Lodge we have only one scanned text by the Temple of the Sun. At the first glance it is obvious how this Temple of the Sun text served as a prototype for the Black Book of Satan. 

Here we will discuss briefly Three ONA Ways and their relation to aforementioned three pre-ONA groups.

1. Sevenfold Way of the ONA mainly came from the Temple of the Sun, same as ceremonial aspects that can be found in Black Book of Satan. ONA claims that its pagan and satanic elements are part of the tradition which in continuity lasts even since the Middle Ages. Being this true or not, it is obvious how Temple of the Sun was fashioned after magickal/ satanic groups of that time. In screenshot given below and taken from the ceremonial book of the Temple of the Sun we can see that the Temple, for example, used Enochian keys, same as many other occult groups in the West, leaning on "occult renaissance" of the late 19th and early 20th century.  In an old ONA MS entitled "Noviciate Studies" we can read that recommended studies for ONA Initiates include Golden Dawn/ qabalistic magick. We can conclude this was also due to the influence of the Temple of the Sun. By the 80's, with publishing of NAOS, ONA was cleansed from all such things as qabala, enochian keys, etc., developing completely its own original system. 

2. Dreccian Way here can be attributed to Noctulians influence. This is not supported by anything  we for sure know about Noctulians, but by simple elimination in the context of this writing. With more certainty we can say how vampiric elements within ONA are coming from Noctulians influence. Members of American O9A Nexion - Tempel ov Blood who are putting great emphasis on practice of vampirism sometimes call themselves "Noctulians". 

Our obvious intention with this article is to make connection between Three O9A Ways and three pre-ONA groups which merged to form the Order of Nine Angles. However, Dreccian-Noctulian connection isn't working well, especially because the Dreccian Way as such was later addition to ONA. Some outlines of Dreccian Way were made during the years while Richard Moult (Christos Beest) served as the Outer Representative of the Order. Only during the mandate of Chloe Ortega as the OR Dreccian Way was fully defined, mainly thanks to her effort. "The Dreccian Way" manuscript of the Order was firstly published in 120 Year of Fayen, that is sometime during 2009 or 2010 (as the Year of Fayen doesn't begin on January the 1st). 

3. Rounwytha Way obviously spawns from Camlad and this is openly stated in Order's manuscripts. Rounwytha Way is in its essence even more ancient than the pagan/ satanic elements of the Tradition. The essence of Rounwytha Way and its lack of systematized  theory and practice reminds us of shamanistic practices. We were convinced of its authenticity because here, in this Balkan region there is an ancient shamanistic/ witchcraft tradition which continuously lasts for thousands of years among Slavic peoples. This Slavic shamanistic/ witchcraft tradition, which has no specific name, is in many respects very similar to Rounwytha Way. For example, it also has no systematized theory and practice, no fixed pantheon of deities or fixed important dates and celebrations. In Slavic witchcraft tradition there are also no formal, ceremonial initiations given by some other human. Slavic witches are initiated directly by spirits of Nature, either by accident or if they intentionally spend the night sleeping at certain places in wilderness where energies are strong. Practice of the Slavic witch is completely empathic, and, for example, same as Rounwytha, Slavic witch gains knowledge about the plants, animals and whole of the nature exclusively by employing of what is termed as "acausal empathy" in ONA Tradition.  

We are sure that this kind of shamanistic / witchcraft traditions were common all over the Europe, but in time disappeared surviving only at some places, like in Shropshire, England where Camlad originated from, and in some rural parts of some Slavic lands like Serbia and Romania.    


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