Note on Abatu

Abatu is the Dark God o9a Tradition attributed to the path between Mercury and Saturn. The origin of the word is Sumerian. Used as a verb, this word means "to destroy." It is difficult not to notice the similarity with the Hebrew "Abaddon", which comes from "abad", and which also means "to destroy". In some transcriptions it is also written as Abbaton, which is even more reminiscent of Abatu. We are almost entirely certain that when we speak of Abaddon and Abatu we are speaking of the same entity. In the Hebrew tradition and in the Bible itself, the name Abaddon was used not only to describe an entity (demon), but also a certain circle of Hebrew hell about which you can find references in some easily accessible Kabbalistic writings such as "777" by A. Crowley.

In the Christian tradition, the most famous mention of Abaddon is found in Revelation 9:11:

"And they had a king over them, who is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek his name is Apollo."

Apollo comes from the Greek "apollumi", which also means "to destroy".
For most of history, Christians have considered Abaddon / Apollo to be the chief demon. However, there were some different views of this entity.

In commentaries on the Scriptures, "The Enthronement of Abbaton," written by Timothy of Alexandria, it is said that the Abbot was an angel originally named Muriel and his task was to gather the earth from which Adam was created. All living beings, corporeal and disembodied are and were in fear of this angel. These comments also state that Abbaton received a promise from God that every man who worships and respects him during their life will have the opportunity to be saved. This detail is very interesting if we know that Jehovah's Witnesses believe how Abaddon is not a demon, but just another name for Jesus Christ in Revelation, for the Christ resurrected and enthroned.

As it has already been mentioned elsewhere - for us Christ / Lucifer and Antichrist / Satan are one and the same (sinisterly-numinous) being. These two, above-mentioned views of Abaddon / Abatu / Apollo, both of which originate from Christian traditions (one Catholic and the other evangelical), are significant to us simply because of our desire to help initiate one theological (but also every other) synthesis within the collective consciousness of our current Civilizations to the point where there will be a kind of reconciliation between (classical, Earth-bound) archetypal notions of Good and Evil. In religious sense, Christ and Satan will be worshiped as two aspects of one God - and psychologically until we accept and become aware of our Shadow and become uncompromising and flawless subjects of our true, complete, nature, which is equally of light and of dark. Also, the above remark about how the Abatu "received a promise from God that every man who worships and respects him during their life will have the opportunity to be saved", alluding to the same essence stated in the previous sentence, reminding us of another important point that the Lodge propagates in this theological sense - that the key to "salvation" in this New Age, which various traditions name differently, is exclusively Devotion - absolute devotion to every aspect of God. You can also worship the Devil if you do it with love and devotion, knowing that it is only one aspect of the Supreme.


"Return of the Christ" - ABG Lodge