Initiatory System of the Lodge

The Lodge itself is divided into three stages through the initiatory system. This initiatory system represents the School of Mysteries of the Lodge, or the process of handing down the Tradition to the candidates, ie. their journey from the Initiate to the Adept. Each of these degrees is divided into three more degrees, which makes a total of 9 degrees of Initiation:

1. INITIATE - Salt
2. ILLUMINATE - Mercury
3. ADEPT - Sulfur

1. Although there is a number of universal methods that are taught to the Initiates of the Lodge for the purpose of their training and development, we are aware that each candidate is specific and that the methods, in this sense, cannot be completely universal. Therefore, we believe exclusively in the correctness of the personal guidance of the candidate through the acquisition of knowledge and discovery of Wisdom by AoZ.
2. As stated before, we allow various influences to flow into the Lodge, accepting what we value as practical and attuned to our inner spirit, and rejecting anything we manage to perceive as unnecessary, unwanted, obsolete, or restrictive. Therefore, when it comes to the training and development methods that are inherited, very different influences can be recognized within the Lodge.

Having in mind 1 and 2, and in connection with the Process and the recognition / evaluation of the same by the individual - for each individual within the Lodge, the experience of a certain degree to which they are introduced will never be the same. The essence of a given degree will be transmitted to each individual, but always, in accordance with the temperament and individual qualities of the candidate, that essence will be experienced differently.

This division into three stages of Initiation relies on an old alchemical tradition inherited within the Lodge.
Accordingly to this tradition: the work of the Initiate should be related to the introduction with the seven "metals" and their transmutations; the work of the Illuminati should be to find a universal medicine; while the work of the Adept should be the production of Philosopher's Stone. What is the practical significance of these tasks belongs to the knowledge that is transmitted to the members of the Lodge during their ascent through the degrees of Initiation.