(Note: This is a series of texts composed of answers to questions about the Lodge, and which were asked by various interested individuals.) 

 - It is said that the Lodge was established as a "matriarchy" - what does that really mean? 

 WSG: It is true that since its inception, the Lodge has been constituted as a peculiar kind of matriarchy. There are several reasons for this: a) This is certainly in line with the Lodge's attempt to presence a certain archetypal force that is traditionally represented as a deity called the Mistress of the Earth or the Mother of Blood / Mother of Wisdom; b) It is women who, according to our insight and experience, are able to essentially understand, accept and preserve this specific esoteric tradition, without tarnishing it with hubris and a kind of corrupt ego that are much more characteristic of male specimens of the human species; c) The promotion of the Sinister Female Principle is an exoteric form that best represents the esoteric evolutionary principle, and that is in relation to the spirit of our time in which we are finally starting to free ourselves from de-evolutionary patriarchal influence. d) More often women have more guts and more courage and can show more honour in any conduct, than men. They are more protective when it comes to their children, family, estate, and often more ready to even give their lives in defense of those. Angry woman is far more dangerous than 10 angry men. So, our women exhibit all these traits when it comes to protecting and taking care of this type of unconventional family such is the Lodge. 

What exactly the statements under a), b) and c) represent is something that will not be difficult to understand for anyone who is, at least somewhat familiar with the character and essence of the Lodge and the Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition. In a purely practical sense, the fact that the Lodge was established as a matriarchy implies that the Mistress ov Blood has absolute authority, being embodiment of our Mother of Wisdom, and that the women within the Lodge have a prominent status. However, although this and such authority that the Mistress of Blood has in the Lodge is often emphasized, as limiting and "Old Aeon" by some groups close to us, and which are mostly anarchistic in nature - it should be borne in mind that such authority is purely operational, organizational, political - it does not obstruct that what is the primary purpose of the Lodge, and that is the inheritance of a certain type of esoteric knowledge and the transfer of the same to those rare valuable individuals, each of whom should uphold the Authority of Individual Judgment. In other words - there is no infernal or divine mandate, any dogmatic or "spiritual" authority, which could be limiting in terms of an individual's personal spiritual path. It is the level of individuality and inner maturity that determines someone as a potential candidate for Initiation into the Lodge. All degrees within the Lodge, except the degree of Mistress of the Blood, signify only certain esoteric achievements and do not carry with them any influence of formal authority. The Lodge is exclusively a School of Mysteries, hence it does not even need some rigid organizational structure or inelastic stratification of membership in order to adequately fulfill its purpose. Initiation into the Mysteries of the Lodge is for the most part a secret and sacred process that takes place exclusively between the candidate and his mentor. The role of the Matriarch - Mistress of the Blood, therefore, is much more concerned with practical matters, politics and the concrete activities of the Lodge, both in public - and internally. Like the men of the Lodge, for example, are generally more devoted to things that are strictly philosophical or ideological, since they are by nature more accustomed to creating such intellectual expressions and frameworks.

There is a yet another very important (esoteric) role of the Mistress within the Lodge. I already mentioned how Mistress ov Blood is an embodiment of our Mother of Wisdom/ Mother of Blood. This means, that, especially on certain occasions and in, for example ceremonial setting, we literally perceive and treat our Mistress as our Goddess incarnate. This, again, has nothing to do with old-aeon subordination to her authority, but rather it benefits the Lodge and all the Gnawers, especially those at lower stages of Initiation. How? There is a portion of occult practice which is derelict, especially among LHP variety of adherents, because of the (Western) LHP principles of self-deification. Namely, in Eastern occult tradition (both of LHP and RHP) , there is something known as "abhisheka" in sanskrit, or "wang" in tibetian, and which is translated as "empowerment" or "Initiation". A Checz mystic, Franz Bardon, defines abhisheka as a non-verbal, non-intellectual transfer of knowledge and power between two interacting beings. This is most effectively achieved through a form of deep appreciation such is worship, or any devotional approach. This is the origin of the worship of the Guru in India. The one, offering worship firmly believes they are standing in front of the embodiment of God on Earth. It doesn't matter what actual mystical or human qualities that guru possess, it only matters how worshiper perceive the guru in order to initiate abhisheka. So, when we give appreciation and worship to our Mistress ov Blood we are actually using it to initiate abhisheka between us and our Mother of Wisdom. In LHP traditions of the West there are rare examples of those who know and appreciate secret of abhisheka. When it comes to Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition we can only think of one group, besides the Lodge - Tempel ov Blood. Through their New Bihar Mandir, but also through their core ToB practices they employ abhisheka very successfully. The other group we are aware of is Crni Plamen, a satanic organization from this Balkan region with whom ABG Lodge had a very fruitful cooperation some years ago. A founder of Crni Plamen, a lady known as SVEM in occult circles, was also a member of our music project - Dark Imperivm. 

– How come that there is so much explicit promotion of National Socialist iconography and ideas within the Lodge? Is the Lodge a neo-nazi organization?

WSG: The Lodge, first of all, is not an “organization”, per se. On the other hand, we could not say that we feel close to anything that could be described as “neo-nazi”, which includes various movements, created after the Second World War and the accompanying neo-nazi sub-culture, which in many instances is the parody of the true National Socialism and the insult to the same, as it adopts many elements of enemy propaganda as something its own. This is, for example, an unenlightened, simple-minded white racism that has absolutely nothing to do with the noble principles of racism of the original National Socialism. Also, most neo-nazis observes National-Socialism from a purely political and sociological perspective, at best. For us, National-Socialism of the Third Reich was something beyond politics or mere social structure, but also something beyond religion and ideology – it was simply a practical way of presencing and living the cosmic and natural truth, which had a potential to make, both politics and spirituality (in its religious and occult form) redundant. For us, the National Socialism of the Third Reich, historically viewed, was the only movement / only idea / only exoteric form that has largely materialized what is the esoteric essence of the Traditions akin to the ours. However, despite the fact that the National Socialism of the Third Reich was demonized and defamed for decades, which led to the overwhelming misunderstanding of the same, it has suffered from many imperfections on its own, thanks to its brief existence among other things. Yet, with the effort of some gifted thinkers, National-Socialism has experienced its evolution even during its “persecution”, also gaining a deeper spiritual character. It is precisely this kind of legacy that is embedded within the core of the Lodge, and it is inspired by works of people such are Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano, David Myatt and others who might be described as promoters of what is, somewhat unobtrusively termed – “Esoteric Hitlerism” .

-What is your connection to and your relationship with the infamous Order of Nine Angles, since you use a lot of their terminology and symbolism, and since you already mentioned David Myatt who is suspected to be the founder of this Order?

WSG: To answer this question correctly, we should first clarify and break down some things. The Order of Nine Angles, or the O9A – to use this recognizable acronym – exists in two ways – There are two O9As – one as the real esoteric order, an association of people, and the other O9A, which is simply a specific Tradition of occult philosophy, also known as Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition. We have adopted and incorporated into the Lodge a huge and essential amount of the O9A philosophy and some of its practices, and that is something what in general is accepted by all the Gnawers and what determines the orientation and functioning of the Lodge. However, whether any of the Gnawers was, is, or will be in a specific relationship with the Order of Nine Angles, is entirely an individual matter. Formally and principally, as an entity for itself, the Lodge does not recognize any explicit connection with the Order of Nine Angles, nor does politics and anything exoteric in relation to the Order of Nine Angles concerns the Lodge. Also, the Lodge was not established directly as a “Balkan offshore” of the Order of Nine Angles, as it was incorrectly formulated by some academics (Connell Monnete, “Mysticism in the 21st Century”). The Lodge had existed even before the crossing of its paths with the O9A, but within O9A we have recognized something really close to us, and a new language that describes the Mysteries in a much more precise and esoterically more correct way than the once prevailing and now dying Masonic and Rosicrucian traditions. The O9A and its terminology hint at a new Western esotericism that is more suited to the 21st century and the future, and which is, again, so skillfully and essentially interwoven with the genuine spiritual foundations of the European past. What took us to O9A was precisely that we recognized within it the highly applicable interpretation of the alchemical formula of the Great Work. So, to summarize – our connection to the Order of Nine Angles is purely esoteric and philosophical in terms of adopting their terminology, philosophy and certain esoteric essence, but as it has been said a couple of times before – the Lodge is not a Traditional Nexion, Balobian Collective, Dreccian Tribe, or anything that specifically falls under the emanation of the Order of Nine Angles, which in the past has often been (self) projected upon the Lodge. In any case, in order to be able to truly understand Our response – one would have to first and foremost be familiar and well acquainted with the Order of Nine Angles and above all with the esoteric essence of the same, and which is not a slight task and which would probably take a lot of time and effort, in addition to possessing the appropriate virtue of character.

It is quite certain that David Myatt, if not (co-) creator of O9A, is at least direct inspiration for the same. However, this issue for us is not of any great importance in any way and to any extent in regard to O9A’s value, but also in regard to the value of what Myatt produced under his own name, such as his early National Socialist writings and his Numinous Way of Pathei Mathos.


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