During previous years, the Lodge attracted a certain number of people, and in one way or another maintained contact with them. Most of them were those who, being attracted by some aspect / aspects of the Lodge or the Sinister-Numinous Tradition itself, decided to make self-initiation or try to receive initiation into the Lodge. They often did this without understanding the Lodge and Tradition completely, beyond those aspects that attracted them at first. This often led to the same people giving up the whole thing after some time, because: a) over time they get to know these other aspects, which makes them realize that this is a very dangerous, difficult and in many ways demanding Path, as if they mistakenly projected certain ideas on the Lodge and Tradition that do not coincide with reality - and therefore, either honestly conclude that all this is not for them, or dishonestly seek excuses, justifications, ways to discredit the Path itself, present it as flawed, etc.; b) they become confused by the innumerable contradictions and false information which make up esoteric Labyrinthos from which they fail to find a way out - and therefore, either honestly conclude that they are unable to grasp the essence and are confused, or unfairly, in their helplessness, try to characterize us as lost and confused; c) they fail our tests - and therefore, either honestly see their position and learn something from experience or do not learn, but in both cases they inevitably succumb to a bitter feeling of disappointment, insult, hurt and what not - not understanding that only they were architects of their own demise in such a case - because we do not engage in any active "recruitment" and anyone's attempt to get closer to us, more than we want - is usually self-initiated.

"The lodge is a deeply esoteric order." This means that we are not a social club that can be joined by any superficially interested person. That which is the true work and purpose of the Lodge, in real life, requires exceptionality that is difficult (and increasingly more) to find in people. Those who are unable to accept even beginner's (albeit difficult) challenges; those who are not able to understand and appreciate all aspects of the Tradition, who are not able to grasp the essence and find a way out of the Labyrinthos - we do not need them at all. We, unlike the Old Aeon orders, do not charge membership fees, nor do we require donations; We are not trying to create a narrow interest group, in order to achieve financial and / or political goals - and that is something what many esoteric groups degenerated into; We do not indulge in occult fetishism and we do not try to reanimate and imitate the ancient, and above all useless, old-aeon systems with their ridiculous ceremonies; There is no divine or infernal mandate that we want to impose on “followers”; there is no rigid and form-laden hierarchy through which to establish some dead dogma and supposed spiritual authority; we do not want to play teachers and gurus who claim that they alone possess certain secrets and know the “right path,” gathering flocks of fans; - What use can we then have of those who have no capacity for the deeply esoteric work of the Lodge, and which (work) does not include any of the above?

It has already been said many times that we do not interpret and implement the term "Order" in its old-aeon sense. This means that its structure is not burdened by some rigid hierarchy of authorities or procedures, nor by inelastic stratification of membership. The reason for this is that we do not need sheep / mere followers for the control for which the above mentioned mechanisms exist within many societies that pretend to call themselves an esoteric / occult order. We need wolves - those who are capable of being an authority by themselves to themselves, but who unite into a pack and choose a leader among their ranks when it is necessary for some common goals to be achieved or values and interests defended. All groups and orders, both of RHP and LHP variety, function mainly as herds in need of pastoral authority, the comfort of the structures it provides, and the procedures to which they are subjected. Why is the shepherd is doing this? Well, of course so he could milk and shear sheep. (...) We do not mourn for "sheep", nor do we blame "shepherds" - for, this kind of love always needs to be mutual - we simply are trying to emphasize a difference between us and them; between two types of people, in general. No one in the pack will shear you or try to milk you. Due to this, there is no payment of membership fees or any other type of exploitation of associates in the Lodge, which is typical for the above-mentioned so-called occult orders/ groups. Admittedly, you may encounter the gaping, bloodthirsty jaws of the pack if you succumb to weakness, or the various adversities that life in this spiritual wilderness entails. ”- Comments on Pentateuch, ABG Lodge

And indeed, all the true offshoots of the Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition are (or should be) packs, and the Tradition itself is "spiritual wilderness" - a very dangerous place and the very opposite of the safe playing of wizards inside closed temples, and within over-intellectualized occult systems. We do not promise to our initiates security, safety, fulfillment of their narrow desires and goals, we do not promise them money, work, sex, "spiritual peace", well-being, we are not a safe camp for refugees from reality - On the contrary , we warn them and warn them again that engaging in this relationship will undoubtedly lead them to extremely difficult situations; that various troubles and tragedies will befall them; that they will experience suffering, pain, horror, heavy losses in life - Because the formula of this Path is Pathei-Mathos (learning through suffering and overcoming adversity).

So we never had, nor do we have now the desire to please anyone, to sell ourselves and to gather followers - we are what we are  - therefore, we do not care at all about anyone's criticism, misunderstanding, confusion , resentment, expectations, disappointment, slander, intrigue and hostility. We have the desire and intention to find and attract those few rare, exceptional individuals who are able to: a) possessing certain mental, intellectual capacities, fully understand and appreciate Tradition and the Lodge within an appropriate perspective; b) possessing certain psychic, "occult" abilities, and in combination with the already mentioned intellectual capacities, find a way out of the Labyrinthos; c) possessing certain innate or acquired character traits, and in combination with "occult" and mental abilities, be able to withstand, overcome and see through tests and shifty forms - all of which are (very justifiably) a necessary precondition for involvement in the Process and all that the Lodge is.


Naturally, anyone could ask - what is the purpose?
Complete outsiders, for sure, will not understand why we need Labyrinthos, tests, deceptive forms, developing a certain type of communication (which reveals to the Initiates, but hides certain truths from the mundane), specific standards and patterns of functioning that we adhere to, etc. . All this has a dual purpose - 1.) esoteric and 2.) practical. 1.) implies that all this is a form of learning for those individuals who engage in the Process, as well as one of the ways of presencing the darkly-numinous essence of the Tradition; while 2.) implies that all this serves the practical purpose of protecting the interests, teachings and goals of the Lodge - both from those who are incompetent and hazardous by nature, and from those who are directly malicious.

3.:.9.:.A/ BG,
126 yf