The Great Synthesis

"Thus we see in nature itself mechanisms against absolute knowledge. The philosopher recognizes the language of nature and says: 'we need art' and 'we need only a limited amount of knowledge'" - Nietzsche 

Some ignorant (profane) people, or those incapable of grasping the core and essence of mystical traditions, such as ours , tend to see us, and those like us, as a kind of religious fanatics. They perceive us only as some backward members of a cult who believe in the nonsense of past centuries and try to revive them in one form or another, having different motives on our minds. Mundane atheists, for example, tend to equate us with all other kinds of believers and "spiritual seekers," cultivating the assumption that our motive is simply either our sincere and foolish belief in some magical powers and imaginary beings whose existence they deny, or that we are guided exclusively by covert motives - such as manipulation, control and money. Mundane theists, who belong to one of the leading religions, assume that our motive is simply to serve Satan and contribute to a conspiracy that aims to destroy and enslave them by bringing Hell on Earth. Both of these groups of people, of course, are equally wrong. We, the Gnawers, consider science and the scientific method to be the best way of acquiring reliable knowledge. When we say “knowledge” we mean “facts”. However, this acquiring of facts should be accompanied by philosophy as a synthesis of all facts in the light of wisdom. The wisdom is not amassing knowledge, facts, but it is understanding universal principles behind / above all facts, and living / acting in accordance with those principles. Knowledge can never be absolute and always changes along with science and the number of facts we know. Wisdom is absolute, universal and unchangeable. Unlike most "cults" and religious people, we do not reject science, nor do we oppose it (in principle) - we accept it completely. But also, unlike atheists, materialistic scientists, and materialistic philosophers, we accept and value that ancient wisdom that stretches like a golden vein hidden within the massive mountains of superstition, religion, and mystery. We are aware that science is a way of obtaining reliable knowledge, but we are also aware that (in the long run) that knowledge is in itself useless and even harmful (as can be seen from the current state of human existence on this planet) if it is not accompanied by wisdom. Initiation into the Mysteries - the experience and the application of the esoteric methods of the Path, is one effective way of achieving true wisdom, ie. certain non-verbal and non-intellectual types of knowledge.

At some point in European history, the quest for knowledge and the quest for wisdom diverged, although up to that point they had gone hand in hand, being one and the same quest. We are certain that the initiator of this superficial and artificial separation was originally a patriarchal religious authority threatened by any increase in knowledge that undermined its superstition, its primitive theology and cosmology, undermining the enthronement of its unnatural ideals and practices on Earth. History proves that this is true, since for many centuries every trace of enlightenment, every search for knowledge has been suppressed and persecuted by the Church, its puppet rulers and the ignorant masses - their subjects. Thus, over time, religion has plunged deep into fanaticism, fantasies, and the despicable distortion of ancient mysteries and their wisdom — it has plunged deep into darkness, deprived of the light of reason. Thus, when science experienced liberation and development in the last few centuries it became uncompromisingly opposed to religion. This also led science and reason to delve deep into pure materialism and skeptical fanaticism, equal in degree to the fanaticism of religion but of different polarity. Equally, as was the case with religion, science also conditionally tends to primarily serve the interests of those in positions of power, or their abstract ideas and ideals, rather than humanity and nature as a whole. Both religious and materialistic fanaticism and dogmatism only give birth to misery, multiply the problems of humanity rather than solving them, and are equally deevolutionary in nature. The Lodge, like many others who are the heirs of genuine esoteric tradition, in one form or another, accepts as a necessary and inevitable phenomenon a great synthesis of science and religion. Only this can bring humanity back to the path of evolution - freeing it from the shackles of equally superstition and materialism - by providing it with both knowledge and wisdom - because without one or the other, there is no true process of learning and growth. Also, individual enlightenment and achievement cannot be attained only through reason, nor only through spirit or soul - it can be attained only through the skilful mixing of all three. Understand the spirit and spiritualize the mind, but also understand the instinct and make the mind more instinctive. Finding the perfect balance and harmony between thought, emotion and action - to act decisively and unitedly, not to deny each other and silence each other - leading to degradation, degeneration and dying.

ABG Lodge,
2012 ev