The Lodge, Satanism, Good, Evil and the New Age


“Everything is Dual; everything has its poles; everything has its pair of opposites; likes and dislikes are the same; Opposites are identical in nature but different in degree; extremes meet each other; all truths are only half-truths; all paradoxes can be reconciled. ”- Kybalion. 

Good and Evil are real! However, also, if we say: "Good and Evil do not exist and are not real!" - we also consider this statement to be as true as the previous one.

Duality, in a sense, has always been present within human consciousness. People have always known about light and darkness, pleasure and pain, cold and heat and so on - even before these same phenomena were able to be described and encompassed by language. There has always been Good and Evil - but they did not need ethics to exist and be recognized as real. The instinct of self-preservation was and is the only "ethics". If something is harmful for maintenance / survival then it is "evil" or bad, and if something contributes to this survival then it is "good". It is true that any form of ethics is essentially based on the instinct of self-preservation and nothing more than that - regardless of whether we are talking about the physical survival of a being or the survival of an idea, order, community, etc. All ethics is based on whether something threatens this survival or not. So, we can say that every being has its own kind of ethics, that is, that their instinct for self-preservation is an ethic that tells them what is right and what is wrong. Human ethics is nothing more than this instinct of self-preservation that is verbalized and processed by the intellect.

Undoubtedly, if a mouse were given the ability to intellect, it would describe a cat as an "evil" creature. But for you, your cat is a sweet and graceful creature - therefore "good". This means that even if we consider the fact that good and evil are in some sense reality (in terms of whether something is harmful or beneficial for the survival of a being or some thing / idea), these are still relative categories, largely dependent on the perspective of who assesses what is "good" and what is "evil", in accordance with his position and specific circumstances at a given time. There is essentially nothing wrong with using these determinants of "good" and "evil" or some synonyms, as long as it is borne in mind that these are only relative categories that are influenced by, and dependent on, various causality. People often tend to impose on other people, and on Nature itself, their specific understanding of good and evil as something that is absolute and not something relative. Again, this is in a way, though unenlightened, quite understandable and justified by the very nature of the instinct of self-preservation.

Having all the above in mind, we advocate a kind of moral relativism that only suits someone who has embarked on the study of the Mysteries and the acquisition of Wisdom, through the knowledge of reality as it is - outside and above the perceived opposites and relative categories.


We have never explicitly adhered to Satanism - on several occasions even ridiculing it and pointing to its phallicity, in an esoteric sense - and with special reference to the modern Satanism of later days. Yet much of our terminology, symbolism, teachings, propaganda, and methods many would, at first glance, probably characterize as something that is obviously "satanic" or "diabolical." The statement that the Lodge is a "satanic order" is and is not, and may or may not be true. We will try to explain all this using recognizable theological terminology. 

If we recall what was written in the previous section about good and evil - we can conclude that in human consciousness there has always been a notion of the cosmic struggle of opposing forces, and whose reflections could be recognized everywhere in nature inhabited by man, but also within his very souls. Unlike this current civilization of ours, which was based on the sharp dualism of Christian dogma, older civilizations and cultures had a much more balanced view of this "cosmic battle", thanks to the prevailing spirit of pantheism, which dictated that all that exists , every good and every evil is emanation / manifestation of one God. In order to explain as precisely as possible our attitude towards the Judeo-Christian theology that is woven into foundations of our civilization - we will first briefly describe one aspect of the "foreign", but today sufficiently known (and very popular) Hindu tradition. Namely, the Hindu holy trinity of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. In this tradition, the god Vishnu represents the god who maintains the Universe, or, as Savitri Devi described it - represents "forces against time"; Shiva is the god who destroys the Universe, or, as S. Devi described it - represents the "forces of time"; Brahma is the creator-god who creates the Universe, and in S. Devi's dictionary he represents "forces beyond time". Although Vishnu and Shiva are opposing forces, they are not really essentially two different deities for themselves but are just two faces of one God-creator - Brahma. If such a meticulous and simple, Hindu theological representations were copied with equivalent elements within the Judeo-Christian tradition, which is closer to us, it would probably clear up many confusions and nonsense related to the latter, as well as alleviate this sharp dualism present in consciousness of Euro-American man, who (dualism) grew directly under the influence of that Judeo-Christian tradition and survived even through secular forms in the last few centuries, despite the slight extinction of the predominant influence of religious institutions within this civilization. 

In the characteristics, personality and cosmic function of the god Vishnu - We recognize Christ, who for us, within this mythology, is the same being known as Lucifer. Christ / Lucifer represents those "forces against time" - he represents the Light, he represents the energy that nourishes all life, sustains all things and is their building, constructive element. This force, which is Christ / Lucifer, acts within Nature in a subtle and inconspicuous way. 

In the characteristics, personality, and cosmic function of the god Shiva - We recognize Jehovah, who for us, within this mythology, is one and the same being known as Satan. Jehovah / Satan represents those "forces of time" - it represents the Darkness, it represents the energy that breaks down and corrodes all that is material. This force, which is Jehovah / Satan in mythology, operates within Nature, manifesting itself through its raw and destructive elements. 

Again, these two seemingly separate entities — Christ / Lucifer and Jehovah / Satan — are just two different faces of one, the Nameless God — whom we prefer to call the Oneness of Being.

Both, Christ and Satan, are in fact divine representations, or manifestations of what the alchemists called Sol and Luna; Taoists - Yin and Yang; Hermeticists  - Electrical and Magnetic Fluid, etc. All these terms represent those universal polarities present in absolutely everything - small and large, animated and non-animated, microcosmic and macrocosmic. Without the interaction of these seemingly opposing forces, mere existence as we know it would not be possible. Any movement, growth and development would not have been possible had it not been for this eternal battle without a victor. Absolutely everything in nature functions according to a dialectical formula: Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis, whereby the achieved Synthesis becomes a new Thesis, but on a higher level - and thus sequence continues. This dialectical formula, often used as a prism through which political-historical theories were passed, gave rise to some well-known phrases such as "history repeats itself". However, this formula does not represent some vicious circle and cyclical movement - but represents a spiral movement upwards and outward (conditionally speaking) making growth, development, evolution possible. 

The ultimate manifestation of the universal principles discussed above is reflected in what we call Spirit and Matter. This, Matter - cannot be animated without Spirit - In return, Spirit cannot be expressed without the Matter. Outside the unity of Spirit and Matter - there is only Non-Existence. Only the union of Spirit and Matter forms the Living Soul - the Seed from which it is obtained - Azoth - Androgyne Prima Materia - Fiery Water, whose Fire manifests as the Fire of Sol / Sun (Electric Fluid / Yang aspect of Chi energy - in our body and everything else ) and whose Water manifests as the Water of the Luna / Moon (Magnetic Fluid / Yin aspect of Chi energy - in our body and everything else). Here, we can also say that Christ / Lucifer is Spirit, and Jehovah / Satan is Matter. We hope that Our point becomes progressively clearer to the reader as they digests these lines. We, the Gnawers are convinced that a favorable historical moment has occurred in which it is possible and necessary for a great synthesis to take place within the Judeo-Christian spiritual / mystical tradition, as well as within the consciousness of the people of Western Civilization in general. In other words, a time in which both Christ and Satan will be worshiped at the same altar as equally important aspects of God, or as divine personifications of those ubiquitous polarities.

Since the Lodge, and especially at the lower levels of Initiation, inherits an extremely devotional approach - and bearing in mind Our, the above-described notion of God (Unity of Being) - it is clear why we, in essence, cannot declare ourselves "Satanists" or as "Christians"; but also why we can describe ourselves as both. Every true Gnawer has in his heart a devotional Love for Christ as much as for Satan, as for the two faces of our one Nameless God.

All of the above, however, serves more to conjure up and hint at certain insights and esoteric principles, rather than to be some inelastic exoteric dogma or “truth”. Precisely, uninformed people, and among whom there are many who are interested in the occult and esotericism, do not understand this nature and purpose of the language of the Mysteries or their symbolism. This kind of language aims to depict, evoke, hint at something, rather than explaining it clearly and precisely. Hence, symbols and terms, used by esoteric traditions, are often confusing, contradictory due to their multiple meanings and multiple applications. Those who think that a purely intellectual, academic approach, through the collection and processing of information about an esoteric tradition, will lead to any approximate truth about such a tradition - are gravely mistaken. Conspiracy theorists, pastors of some Christian churches, but also materialistically oriented skeptics, who are very popular today, certainly fall into this category. They are all completely lost within the Labyrinths and constantly are chasing their tails, or deliberately and maliciously taking some aspects of the Mysteries out of context to push them into the cracked and shaky foundations of their theories or to use them to feed their pathological hatred while in some self-imposed crusading role. When some of them find in our texts an indication of how we believe that Satan is a real (acausal) being, they will automatically fit such an indication into their limited and childish notion of such a being, and declare us "Satanists" and "devil's servants." ". If they ever come across a statement of Ours that deviates from such a concept, they will simply ignore such a statement. For example, one of our texts states that for us Satan, in a cosmic sense, simply is - Time: “(...) This is the principle of evolution. Everything that lives is always endangered by something and through its reactions to the offensive force at any given moment, that living being is animated. Satan is like some eternal and omnipresent Antithesis to everything existing and manifested. It is the entropy present in nature. It is that force which makes every moment in this Causal Universe to be a kind of struggle and surviving the influence of this force. This principle is reflected through everything and anything that can be characterized as Evil and Negative. The most obvious manifestation of this principle is Death and the flow of Time. The two are, of course, closely related. Everything that exists in this Causal Universe is subject to Death and Time. Through the traditional symbolism Time and Death are connected with Saturn, which in turn is one of the main aspects that describe the nature of Satan, Satanism, Sinister. This is why Satan is called the ruler of this world in the Bible - because everything in this world is ruled by Time and Death, used as instruments of Perfection. However there is one bigger mystery in the seemingly eternal entropy in nature. "  - ABG L. MA I

Perceived in this way, Satan is the Evil that is all Destructive we perceive in nature. But it is precisely these destructive forces that are the "positive" side of Evil. They clear the path of progress and evolution, destroying everything that stifles this unwinding process and Initiate the necessary changes. This Saturn / Time / Satan, apparently the Destroyer (Abatu), is actually the Great Architect of the Universe. He shapes Nature. Satan is also the highest sphere on the Tree of Wyrd. All other spheres are his emanations, and for all other spheres Saturn is something they strive for. As in the classical degrees of the Sevenfold Path - all lower degrees tend to ascend to the highest degree of Saturn - the Immortal. To be one with Time again, but at the same time being outside of Time - because there can be no perception of Time as such when you are one with it. You cannot perceive yourself as Time but as Eternity.


At this point we would like to address one esoteric aspect of time concerning the Ages, or Aeons, as well as their alternation.

In the last couple of centuries, since Occultism has experienced a renaissance in the West and since some ideas began to be more openly propagated - many mystical and esoteric traditions have occasionally proclaimed the coming of the "New Age", naming and describing it differently. Some Masonic authors announced the Age of Aquarius, based on astro-theological heritage; Theosophists spoke of the ages of the seven human races, declaring that we are currently living in the age of the fifth,  Aryan race; Hindu tradition says that we live in the age of Kali-Yuga; The Order of the Nine Angles, although it has a slightly different concept than Theosophists , also recognizes seven ages related to the development of the human species, but proclaims this current age - the Age of the Mother of Blood; Crowley and the Thelemites believe that we are now entering the Age of Horus - the child-god, after the previous ages of Osiris - the father and Isis - the mother; Anton Szandor LaVey and others like him proclaim the Age of Satan, etc.

At first glance, studying all these teachings about the ages, these different traditions, one might think that there must be a contradiction and that all these ages are not fully compatible with each other. We see things a little differently. We do not see a contradiction or a real conflict between all of them, but we believe that they all speak only of different aspects of one and the same time and the coming New Age. For example, one can already feel the coming of what the "Age of Aquarius" should represent - rapid and remarkable spiritual and technological progress, as well as a sudden break with the traditions, values ​​and religions that emerged in the "Age of Pisces"; All these achievements were predominantly brought forth by the representatives of the Aryan Race, if we recall the theosophical classifications; Hypocrisy, injustice and insanity also reign, on the other hand, as described in the Hindu representations of Kali-Yuga, but together with the emergence of devotional and compassionate religious forms, removed from traditional and restrictive ritualism; There is an evident increase in the dominance of the female principle and female influence in society - not the maternal and caring female principle from the cave age, but exactly as the Order of the Nine Corners represents it through the archetype of the Mother of Blood, which manifests itself as a judge and executioner ; Again, Crowley is right when he speaks of the age of the Child-Horus, in which, as he himself described, there will be evident general confusion, incoherence, an increase in liberties, bisexuality, homosexuality, and the onset of the most destructive and bloodiest war conflicts in history; Of course, LaVey also accurately proclaimed the age of Satan, as Satanism as such is increasingly accepted as a perfectly legitimate religion, that Satan is publicly worshiped, and that all those things that were once "sin" and "devil's work" are all more or less accepted as a standard and something normal. So, esoterically, we see all these representations of the New Age only as different aspects of that Age, which complement each other. Yet, in an exoteric sense, we are most inclined to promote that aspect which is represented by the ONA through the archetype of the Mother of Blood and through the myths of Vindex. Our original Mistress of the Lodge, Zorya, once very vividly explained this aspect of the New Age reflected through the archetype of the Mother of Blood: 

"The energies of the New Aeon are the energies of the Sinister Female Principle - Or in other words: In some Aeon fairy tale or legend, this would be a mythological part of the story in which a once gentle and pure but oppressed and abused Goddess rises as a terrifying Mother of Blood seeking revenge, justice. , bringing destruction and death. The esoteric meaning behind the Traditional representation of Baphomet in SN Tradition, as a beautiful woman holding the severed head of a bearded man, is simply the Change of Aeon. It also represents the nature of this Change and how it will manifest. And we know that judging by the myths about the Dark Gods, the nature of Baphomet is violent and bloodthirsty. Likewise, this change of Aeon will be in harmony with the nature of our Goddess. Again, in the Aeonic sense, this is only one phase (one face) of the Goddess - perceived from and manifested within this Causal Universe conditioned by space and time. "


In alchemy, Azoth is "prima materia," Pure Mercury. The basic precondition for the Great Work, which is, by its nature, the same as the Philosopher's Stone. Some say that “A” and “Z” in the word Azoth stands for “Alpha” and “Omega” from the Greek alphabet. In turn, Alpha and Omega represent those two polarities that manifest through everything. They represent Numinous and Sinister, Salt and Moon, Fire and Water, etc.

We can say that “3.:.9.:.A” is actually a glyph of Azoth (prima materia), and therefore the glyph of the Philosopher’s Stone, because of essentially the same nature of the Matter and the Stone. Furthermore, it is also a glyph of the whole alchemical process of transforming this Matter into the Stone. Thus, as “Alpha” and “Omega” represent Numinous and Sinister, Sol and Luna, fire and water, “9” represents the esoteric philosophy, which is the newly codified alchemical process of transformation and of blending of these opposites. Represents 7 + 2 spheres of the Tree of Wyrd: Luna, Mercury, Venus, Sol, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn + Abyss  and the very Tree of Wyrd. These spheres, among other things, represent the stages of alchemical work; they also represent 9 degrees Initiation within the Lodge and so on … “Z” is written in Cyrillic, because its form much more resembles Greek “Omega”.

We explained that “3.:.9:.A” glyph refers to the esoteric philosophy, which is the description of the alchemical process, and how it is associated with Azoth and the Stone. We mentioned that A and Z in Azoth stands for alpha and omega, representing Numinous and Sinister, Good and Evil, Sol and Luna, RHP and LHP, and so on … in 3.:.9.:.A glyph, ω stands firstly, because the followers of this Tradition begin their journey from Sinister, moving towards Numinous. Also, ω and α are symbols for the inner (AoZ) and outer (ABG) Lodge.

So this is a universal formula that can be applied to anything, and here it is applied to the Lodge itself and its constitution. What follows is the adaptation of a small allegorical story we have designed to explain the relationship between the Inner and Outer Lodge:

Mistress and Her Children

And they asked them, saying, “Tell us the essence and what is the essence? Tell us what the Lodge is?”

The Lodge is like an old mistress who had three children. And one day, this old Mistress went on her journey leaving her property to her three children to take care of the same while she is away. Before she left, she called her children and gave one coin to each of them. After some causal time, Mistress returned and upon her returning she invited her three children and asked them:

“My children, when I left, I gave each of you a coin? – Now tell me what each one of you did with the coin I gave them?”

And the first child approached her and said, “. Here, Mistresses – I took that one coin you gave me and I went into the world and made a many more coins from that one you gave me and here I bring it all back to you “

And Mistress smiled and said, “You are truly my child! Take all the coins you have made the one I gave you, because that’s really your property from now on until the end of time. And go and use them to find and buy Lapis Philosophicus without a bargaining. “

Then the second child approached her and said, “Here, Mistress, I took the coin you gave me and went into the world and made, not so many coins from the one you gave me, but still here I bring it all back to you.”

And Mistress smiled and said, “You are truly my child! Take all the coins you have made the one I gave you, because that’s really your property from now on until the end of time. And go and use them to find and buy Lapis Philosophicus without a bargaining. “

And the third child came to her and said, “Here, my Mistress, I took the coin you gave me, and I buried it in the ground to give it to you when you come back.”

And Mistress looked at her child with bitterness and angrily said, “You are truly not my child! I gave you a coin and you brought it back to me? Do you think I really need a coin I gave you so generously? But I will take even that one from you, and from now on you are not my child, but my servant, if you continue to bear and shame our family name!”

For to everyone who has even more will be given, and they will have an abundanceBut from the one who has not, even what little they have will be taken away.

In the aforementioned analogy, Mistress is ω, her children are α and the coin is 9. Like the ordinary coin, which is basically just a piece of metal, if no one agrees about its value, equally 9 is just a philosophy if both ω and α do not agree on its esoteric and practical value. Those who bury their coin in the ground are those who just wave around with our marks and flags deprived of esoteric understanding and real alchemical work, and those who multiply coins are those who contribute to the esoteric value of our philosophy and our practices. Both fall under the “alpha” or those that are being “used” from some perspective, however both have the same resources available to cross the limits and participate in Aeonic Mysteries.


As much as we see each kind of division as superficial and in some way false, viewed from a philosophical point of view, we consider it very important, in every respect, viewed from a practical perspective. Every movement and growth in nature, everything that exists - is possible only through division, contrast, through the conflict of opposing forces. The evolution of both the individual human being and the social structure is possible only, again through the contrast and conflict of opposing forces. All of this is especially true and significant when it comes to the spiritual / mystical path of those who are supposedly committed to systematic esoteric training of some kind. Most of them try to stick to the above-mentioned philosophical truths, trying to be guided by it in their lives. This, viewed within our esoteric perspective, is absolutely wrong and does not lead to spiritual growth, but at best stagnation, inertia, with delusions of sublimity and purity, and at worst degradation and loss of all connection with reality. Spiritual paths that do not contain feats and temptations that throw the Initiate into experiences of all kinds of contrasts - good and evil, light and darkness, pleasure and pain, etc. - are in fact spiritual diversions. Therefore, those who strive for spiritual development should be aware of the formula on which all movements and progress in nature are based: Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis. They must support this formula in a very practical way, choosing / creating sides, polarities, being an eternal antithesis, regardless of the feeling / realization that in the end everything is One. Such knowledge will not take them anywhere - only walking the Path.