Gateway to the Age of Fire

Behold – The Gate!
Now, almost completely opened..
Already felt rising over the Planet from time to time,
Observed by those who are Silent inside,
When the old man sinks into Acausal,
Sometimes, somehow involuntarily, the whole World is Changed
– it becomes a dream of the Mage….

Germinating of Azoth out of trembling souls at the meeting above Time.. 

A humble Baby and an arrogant God, Purified Evil and Purified Love, 

Absolute Madness and sobering Sanity, and always Beyond, always Beyond..

Many are called but few are chosen, and those few they chose themselves,
Not by chasing shape-shifting shadows – instead they descended under the flesh.
There where riches are hidden, all truths and all lies mingled together,
Deep into hell where serpent is sleeping, coiled three times and a half..

And clusters of new gates are ignited like in nuclear chain-reaction,
To shine like stars, to set ablaze the skies, 

To bring forth the glorious Age of Fire..

ABG Lodge,